Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Second blog opening up...

So, call me crazy again but I am going to attempt maintaining two blogs.  Yes, I know, you all care so deeply, haha, but I feel like I am just all over the place with this one, and I really want to hone in on the offensive jokes in this blog, specifically my own goofy drawings and comics and stories of people at Walmart and Catholic jokes, Jewish jokes, whatever seems to offend people...  And the other one will be for my second personality that likes art and music and inspirational quotes and finding myself and all that shite.  There are really two, very independent people inside my head, and they both deserve an equal voice.  Who am I to stop my sensitive side?  And who am I to allow the sensitive and somewhat mushy "finding myself" crap to interfere with THIS?  This magnificent blog that seems to be offending all of my Catholic friends who can't take a joke, and Mormons now...  soon it will be the Jews, and you Buddhists out there...  you aren't safe either...  just wait...  you all will have your day... then Muslims... Pagans...

So if anyone else out there happens to have two brains inside their head named Thelma and Louise and would like to read my inspirational huggy, lovey, quotey, creative writing, photography, quality art crap too, follow me at:


Thelma will thank you!

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