Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Washington Summer,

I am trying to be extra thankful this year, so I made a list of things I'm thankful for with all this great weather you have sent us up here.  I know the folks in the Midwest won't be as charmed by this, but the Washingtonians will understand.  So here goes, the things that I think are great about Washington summers:

1. The tourism industry will decrease in the Seattle area since everyone will want to slit their wrists after a summer in Washington. This means no more waiting in lines at the Space Needle!

2. Risks of skin cancer will decrease with all the cloud cover, so I may get to keep my nose in old age after all. (so much for following the Michael Jackson look)

3. Drought? What drought? That happens in places like Africa.

4. Maybe some Californians will go home.

5. The moss growing industry will flourish, literally.

6. We all might sprout gills or spontaneously become mermaids, and who wouldn't want to be a mermaid?!

7. I'm really liking this vampire-like glow I have going on because diamond-skin is just sexy!

8. The Twilight fans will replace the Californians.

9. Forks will become the State Capital instead of boring old Olympia.

10. "Rust" will become the new pink.

11. Rain boots are better than high-heels any day.

12. I will get major usage out of my new umbrellas, and I have 3.  I consider that a really smart investment.

13. Blue tarps are not just cool in Belfair, they are cool everywhere, especially while camping!

14. I don't have to shave my legs, because they won't be seen anytime soon.

15. I can put my flip flops away this year and they store so nicely.

16. I will spend less money on clothing, because we can just throw the need for that summer wardrobe right out the window!

17. Plane tickets to Hawaii will sell out, Go Hawaii!!

18. Florida doesn't look so bad after all.

19. The more it rains, the more excuses I have not to do yard work or mow the lawn!

20. I won't need new sunglasses and who cares if I accidentally sit on them.

21. I will have lots of time to do that housework that I SO enjoy.

22. There won't be any danger of invasive cactus anytime soon.

23. My shade-plants will be Oh-So-Healthy!

24. The humidity makes my hair curl and frizz even MORE. I always wanted to look like I stuck my finger in a light socket.

25. Grey is a beautiful and neutral color, and the color of the sky is not actually blue. (I think it's a conspiracy that they keep teaching kids in school this information)

26. I love wool sweaters!

27. Fleece and rain parkas are the best inventions since sliced bread.

28. Investing in an Ark-like boat will not be considered certifiably crazy any longer.

29. Risks of dehydration and heat exhaustion will fall dramatically.

30. For you men, rain hats cover up bald spots just as well as a baseball cap! Woohoo!

So there's a few positives to start.  I'm sure I will think of more later!  See you next year, Summer!  Is July 10th to July 14th a good time for you?  I'll be counting on it!

Love, Danielle